Monday, January 14, 2013

My Life Lately Through Instagram

I've finally been talked into using my Instagram instead of it being just a cool camera on my phone and I'm really liking it!  Here are few shots from the last month.

They have finally opened the long awaited Calatrava designed bridge, aka Margaret Hunt Hill and I think its got really cool motion while going through it.

 Date night at Medieval Times(I've never been-- it. was. awesome.) and then onto Christmas lights, how amazing twas this tree?!?!?

 Good finds at Home Goods

 Fresh Jalepeno Roll from Sushi Axiom, nothing better, NOTHING.

Another Date Night with my Fab new necklace (Thanks Amanda!)

Ceiling at Breadwinners made from salvaged wood from Katrina.  PS if you have not tried the pulled pork pizza there, you are sorely missing out.

 On our way to Austin, we always pass this Czech Stop and I finally stopped to check it out.  Talk about a carb explosion and this was only one case!  Soo soo good.

I finally got my new Souk Rug from West Elm, LOVE it!  My room is finally getting together :)


The Martha Rose said...

Did you buy that table at homegoods?! The one by Northpark? I LOVE it! and I love your blog!

Ashley Griffith said...

It was at the one on Coit and Campbell, such a great find!!! And thank you :)

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