Monday, January 16, 2012

Baggin' it

Its seems like everyone is gearing up for travel these days and that means one thing, chic luggage! :)  Its a very important piece of your wadrobe, because not only does it protect your pretty things, but also has to survive whatever happens to it when it leaves your hands and "hopefully" makes it onto your same plane.

I'm not a huge fan of the plastic vacuum looking luggage or the childish prints that come on alot of luggae these days, BUT I think its super vital that you don't have the typical black luggage that will get caught in another sea of black luggage.  How many times have you stood there waiting for your black bag and had to cheack every sticking one of those things?!?!?!?  So here is a few amaze options that I would incorporate into my home decor anyday to make it not only functional, but also a statement.  Take a look--

Obviously all us girl would die over some LV luggage. I have the largest Carryall (whic of course it "too big" for carry on, but I always sneak it on anyway.  Its a VERy hard thing to let that baby out of my sight...What if it gets punctured??? or badly scratched??? or stolen?????  So these will most likely always be just a dream, unless of course you have a private jet.

How adorable are these vintage-y looking, but with modern touches Streamline Luggage beauties?  So classic with a pop of color that you are sure to spot right away.  And not too pricery at about $300

Or an even more classic Streamline look, perhaps for the gents?

Along the same lines, these Globe Trotter's but pretty pricey, but have been making this tried and true luggage for over 100 years.

I would also love to find some mid century vintage in a cute retro color like teal or light blue like this one from Pinterest.

Or perhaps the vintage feel isn't your deal, Valextra has some GORG pieces that are super sleek and exotic with calf skin and alligator skins

Or these Missoni by Target pieces are pretty FAB, but good luck finding the entire least at a reasonable price.

And don't forget about a luggage tag!!! Heaven forbid your luggage gets lost and you haven't identified it.  Here are few pretty great ones--

Love the humorous side of this one :) 

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