Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's whats underneath....

Have you ever noticed how much wasted square footage you have with stairs?  They are generally at a 7 to 11 ratio, 7" being the rise and 11" being the tread (more if you want something more grand).  But that takes up a big chunk so then you ask, "What are you supposed to to do with those sometimes awkward spaces that hide underneath the stairs?" Well you shouldn't  just waste it as a junk closet! Here is a few ideas to make the most of your "tornado cellar."

Add value to your home with a half bathroom.  This could get a little pricey, but they you get everything back out of the baths and kitchens when you resale.

If you have no space for a library, you can have a makeshift one, with lots of interest at that!

A place to read the books and take a quick snooze.

Organized, custom storage for your silver, extra bed linens, shoes, sport equipment etc.

Or a small homework area/ study--

Incorporate your Kitchen into the nook.

Or channel your inner Mad Men and make a wet bar/ liquor cabinet.

For the kids in your lives make the ultimate play area--

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