Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tiny Home with a BIG Wow

Everyone knows that you don't have to have a palatial pad to have uber style--IKEA does an amazing job of proving to us all that.  And sometimes I think its a little easier to design smaller spaces, because aside from the dinero aspect, tight spaces often dictate design for you.

Take a look at this super cool 450sf Moscow home designed by ofdesign, that shows us that small can be big on style.

The entire space started off with white (when in doubt go white-it'll give you an artistic flair and at least brighten your space). I love the textural element a painted brick or stone wall gives to a room.

Then the designers layered natural elements, like a soft grayed wood floor, clear sealed wood accents, natural material window coverings and then added plenty of pastels, instead of primary colors to have a soothing feel and not make any one thing jump out at you.

An elevated "bedroom" give tons of underfloor storage.

The walls were "thickened" up to provided more concealed storage and no doors were used to swing into space and limiting the floor plan.

A stained wood back splash adds tons of impact in the kitchen with not alot of easy would these be!?!?

This view reminds me of a trendy restaurant bar, and serves as a visual divider from the living room, great for a sink of dirt dishes.  Every little nook ans cranny used and I love the jarred pantry-maybe not so functional to fill up, but oh so cute!

The interior balcony is used as a sweet little dining space with a trunk banquette for more storage and fold down table.

On the opposite side of the balcony a little garden and reading nook.

In the bathroom, scrabble-like tiles were used to act as art and add a little funk to the small space.


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