Monday, May 19, 2014

The plate is on the wall

I've been searching high and low for a collection of sort of modern, but traditional and all white vintage plates to hang on wither side of my Anewall art.  I wanted something with a round shape to play off all the square angles in my dining room.

I think plates are sort of all the rage right now to make a big impact on a small budget.  Its kind of a gallery wall without all the work and price, no?  Vintage, new, colorful, neutral it fits all types of design.

I'm huge fan of all white dishes and towels- I learned that trick years ago on Oprah...when they get dingy, toss them and replace and you never have to worry about matching the color.  Brills.

Plates also work great in other areas of design like amping up the presence of this headboard.

 Or filling an otherwise empty modern wall into an organic piece of art.

I had to do a double take on this one, is it a print canvas? or cut plates?  Super cool, and how in the world did they cut that so straight and clean?  

 BeesKnees tells a story by combining  plate art with word art and LOVE the old book print wall treatment!

Of course you aren't limited to china, these silver pieces are pretty stunning and will patina to take of a warmer glow.

And lastly, how great are these paper plates as a party decoration?!!? In lieu of inconvenient balloons and super festive!

Pinterest has all kinds of inspirations on how to hang them too!  You are no longer a stuck with the wire plate holder with the prongs in view.  You can hot glue a paper clip or safety pin to the back and easily attach to a nail or this nifty rings on the back from our friends across the pond, who know all about hanging plates on the wall.

hanging plates on walls | ... knows how to hang plates on a wall it would be our friends in england
Disc Hangers

Images via Pinterest

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