Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jessica Simpson's Hidden Valley Home for Sale

I haven't been keeping in touch with the ex America's Sweetheart too much lately, well besides sky high shoes and babes, she hasn't been in the spotlight..and I can't really blame her.

So when I saw that her Hidden Valley BH mansion was up for sale(for a measley $8 mil), I kind of expected something similar to her "Newlyweds" modern style decor, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a completely enchanting, stylish home. A little too shabby chic for me, but after all Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic Couture was the designer.  With a few tweaks I would move right in, no problem!

A classic sweeping stairwell, with a gorgeous chandelier and a lovely vignette greeting you as you walk in.  The flower arrangements are the perfect pop of color throughout

This has be may favorite room so far, the white slipcovers, rustic ottoman, dark wood floors, rawhide, the high gloss ceiling planks, the woven shades and that patio!  What a relaxing media room.

This kitchen proves that wood painted knobs and a stainless steel countertop can be stylish and warm.  I'm also adoring the tonal checkerboard floor, very subtle and out of the norm.

Maxwell's Room is probably where I draw the line on the floral.  I think that they could lose the wallpaper, do a solid gray or pale pink color and it would be a much stronger design...oh and the window treatments are a bit much. Adorable bed though!

This master is such a beauty! I love the subtle blues and of course dripping chandeliers are a home run.  Could you just die over that patio?!?!?

The timelessness of this bathroom is awesome, I love a good hexagon floor, but I think someone missed the mark on that base color.

This 5,500sf house has been home to many a celeb including our girl Ellen D-- I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to leave this backyard, especially with Cali weather.

The front door is somewhat of a disappointment, I'm 99% sure that we are seeing a screen door in front of a solid color door behind, but it comes off as a wacky paint job.  The concept may come off a little better if the screen door got a matching paint color.  My vote is black, high gloss :)

Can you imagine coming up to this entry area for a dinner party at night? Nailed it.

Images via Sotheby's International Realty

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