Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bathroom Progress: The Reveal

FINALLY, we have a guest bath again!!!!  Downloadable photos and a few lessons learned-

- Don't half ass a project.  We originally were going to keep the shower as existing- it had white tile, nothing fancy, but went with the scheme.  When you install everything pretty a new around it, the old white tile looks like crap.

- Everything takes longer than anticipated. EVERYTHING.

- Drywalling isn't as hard as I thought it was...electrical is.

-I need to take a class on my camera.

Without further adieu, here it is in all its glory-

I love, love, love the sink.  It has tons of storage and it was pretty easy and a great price point.  When I originally came up with my design, I had also went with the IKEA faucet, but found this antique brass looker on Ebay.  I love the warmth that it brings to the sink.  I used the train rack for extra TP storage, because don't you hate it when you are in someones bathroom and they are out of TP, you carefully look through the cabinet hoping for extra and nothing.  Well this keeps them in plain view and I'll also know when to refill.

I'm in love with the way the carrera floor came out.  6"x12" laid in a herringbone, with a light grey grout.  Timeless and classic. To go with the turn of the century vibe, we installed the bead board extra high (5'-0). Its my professional opinion to NEVER install those 3'-0" pre-cut sizes they have in the store.  I bought 3 4'x8' pieces and had them cut it down, plus you don't have to worry about outlets (usually).

For the Shower Faucet, my plumber thought I was insane to choose a "Champagne Bronze"...hey, he already talked me out of the gorg vintage looking fixtures from China.  I really wanted something with warmth, but wasn't going to blow my budget with Kohler's Purist line.  My endless hours of searching the net paid off when I found Delta's Trinsic.  A perfect brushed brass look, for hundreds less.  (I had recently taken a shower in these photos, so they are little spotty.)

And as promised, here was my inspiration board to sell to the hubs...as you can tell he bought it :)

The paint colors we used are Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue and the ceiling, wainscoting, and doors are Benjamin Moore's White Dove.  This matches closely with the white color from IKEA's cabinet.


Bryan Tolka said...

Hi, I have been planning my renovations for over a year and was planning to use the Delta champagne bronze faucets but after seeing your photo I'm having second thoughts. In your photo they look so brassy. Is it just the lighting or have you noticed that the finish has changed on your faucets? The bathroom is gorgeous. You did a great job.

Thank you,
Sally Tolka

Ashley Griffith said...

Hi Sally, they are definitely an antique brass tone that do tend to patina over time. I think "champagne bronze" is an odd name for it, but would classify this as an aged brass. Hope this helps!!

Anonymous said...

hi Ashley I know this post was a while ago but I was wondering if the delta tub faucet was metal ? I ordered it and it came as plastic :( I realize this may be due to tarnishing over time so plastic work better just doesn't feel good quality



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