Monday, June 25, 2012

Grass Driveways

I'll be honest, I don't have a driveway.  And I definitely don't put a lot of thought into them except, make them as wide and as flat as possible so people girls like me don't run into things.  But I'm adoring the casual-ness/homey-ness of these grass driveways.  Move over gravel and cement!!!!

 Love that these grass driveways can be both modern and traditional, as well as green!!  The possibilities are truly endless.
DIY Chatroom

CST Pavers

Hunny Do

Kim Kardashian's Pad

NY Times


Don't have a driveway like me?  A little patio would be FAB with these green pavers...Sorry for the tiny image!  Via Houzz

If you are interested, here is an website that might make the process a little easier than digging and planting the old fashioned way- Soil Retention



Simon Hopper said...

I've never seen this done to a driveway before... it looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Will someone practice this in my driveway

Lucy Gibson said...

I love the way that looks, but it looks terribly expensive. I've been pretty good at keeping up the pavement maintenance for my Portland, OR home. Maybe one day I'll try something like this.

Christopher C. Bradford said...

These driveways are modern looking. I always like and prefer asphalt driveways as I have got it of low cost an d easily repairable. more info about paver sidewalk

Anonymous said...

I havent seen many Long Island paving Companies do this type of creative work, except for classic paving!

Izzy said...

Those driveways sure look incredibly unique. The just wouldn't work out here in California and the horrible drought we had going on now for years. We mostly have concrete and aspahlt driveways. Still, pretty amazing to see driveways with grass. I'd feel bad about driving over it! But I'm sure they're designed to take the abuse.

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