Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nightstand Dilemma

I'm sure you've passed by these a hundred times, and if you're like me you can call out Ikea products as if  you've worked there.  Well as much as I despise buying sets of things, I couldn't pass up the deal a couple of years ago when the Malm dresser was on sale for $40. Picture me standing in a line of 500+ with a little ticket tht said "white," promising myself that I would get crafty with these now nightstands to make them my own.

Fast forward to today, they are still the same, so enough is enough.  But I'm totally torn with what I want to do with them!  Originally I was feeling this style with moldings and mirrors, and simple pulls.  I even have the mirror that's been waiting to be cut.

Z Gallerie's Concerto Nightstand

Then I started to feel this studded style ala Signed by Tina:

But now I'm feeling like my bedroom isn't "vintagy" feeling enough, so I'm feeling the Dorothy Draper style.  Talk about design ADD.

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