Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Light on!

I have literally been obsessed with light fixtures lately, so much good is happening right now in terms of chandelier and pendants.  Classic Revivals, Modern Funk, multiples- it makes a great statement and can totally morph the feel of the room.

First off is what I like to call the Drippy Chandys.  Forever Timeless, totally eye catching with the prisms and an ode to old glamour.  These fixtures can go anywhere from super traditional rooms to modern for an eclectic vibe to rustic.  Can't go wrong with this style.

Shawna's Kitchen at The Kitchn

House Beautiful

House Beautiful
Next up is the Lovely Lanterns, not just for foyers or lamp posts anymore.  These fixtures are making a huge statement all over the house these days, and I think they look great over a kitchen island or in multiples marching down a corridor.

Then we have Oversized, and not for the faint of heart as far as design goes.  These chandeliers command the room, just make sure you have something positioned underneath, ottomans, coffee and dining table do great!

House Beautiful

Restoration Hardware

And lastly, my favorite lighting trend right now is to Double Up.  If you love one of it, you are sure to love two!  This concept is especially helpful if the fixture you select gets a little lost on its own, bringing reinforcements to the party helps balance out the space.

LLH Designs

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Veranda Interiors
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