Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fornasetti Love

Have you ever came across some Piero Fornasetti?  Or maybe you did and didn't know what it was?

Fornasetti was a Master Artist in Milan in the early 1900's through the 1980's, who is known for the start of decoupage and his signature Themes and Variations

Themes and Variations, which is now a highly coveted (you can't get a reproduction for less than about $200) vintage plate series of an 19th century opera singer, Lina Cavalieri.  Fornasetti was intrigued by her classic beauty, and was said to have imagined a world with her, creating her face 350 ways....crazy or enduring?

Today Fornastti plates are getting increasingly popular in home decor.  They have a really eclectic and vintage vibe and can add character to any space...Definitely not something that you will find mass produced at the big box stores!

Here is a Chicago apartment with a collection in a border around the kitchen. Notice how the colors are kept very monochromatic, the same as the plates for a unified look. 
In the dining room on an antique credenza.  Loving the marble!  This collector also has some other designs that I think are equally as intriguing.
Fornasetti is playful even in the bathroom as a wallpaper!
Fornasetti also worked closely with designers and architects, so its no surprise that his "Riflesso" is amazeballs!
It adds a little funk to this pool area, don't you think?
This is perfection!
Even Anne is a fan! Wallpaper by Cole and Son

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