Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kyle Richards

I've already confessed my love for the RHBH here, so its just natural that I adore Kyle Richards new place, which reminds me a little of Lisa Vanderpump's taste, but I love it just the same.  Kyle stated that coming from her old house that was very modern, cold and didn't have a family friendly environment, she wanted more of an east coast vibe...and i think that landed.

I live everything about her family room, the TV doesn't Dominate the room, and the white couches and touches of blue are just so pretty.  Not to mention the great natural lighting!

You know me and a white kitchen!  Pretty perfect, but I think the ledge above the cabinets needs a love, all white serve ware would be subtle, yet elegant.

Kyle's husband Mauricio is the only male in that house, so I love that there is at least one room with a Masculine vibe.  And where do I get a Hermes tray?!?!?! I mean jeez!  NEED!

Who wouldn't love a closet like this?!?!?!  I would love to shop my closet daily.

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