Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, As my wall

When I bought my first (and only) condo, I was somewhat snobbish about the entire mirrored wall that came with the dining room.  And since my place was built in the years of Aquanet and "Gag me with a spoon," the wall screamed 1980's, and I wanted it down immediatley....

But now that I've lived with it for almost 4 years (and other projects were pushed to the top of the list), I've accumulated enough furnishings for my house and thensome, and I've sorta come to enjoy it.  It really adds another dimension to the area and the illusion of space in my 969 sf of the world.  Now mirrors are something that I almost always default to, and no its not a vanity thing :)  They can brighten any area, and add a level of depth that you may not otherwise have.

Here are few areas that I just ADORE that are sporting the wall of mirror.  What do you think? Are walls of mirror Grody or Rad???...I couldn't resist :)

What a great reinterpretation don't you think? Not too overhwhelming but a real eye catcher! In fact, I didn't even notice that this was a bathroom.

Not too far off from a builder's special bath these days, but I love that the etergere, floating shelf and sconces are right on top.

This would be super easy to do, Ikea sells some 1'x1' mirrors that you could mount for way less than a huge piece.

I can't get over how much I love this space!!!  Black wall with mounted mirrors, and then the fantanstic eclectic mix of vintage art and a barn(?) sideboard with the uber modern furnishings.  When can I move in?

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