Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding on the Brain

Hey guys, as you can tell I've been very MIA, but like all things go in life, I'm swamped  and on top of that I'm planning a wedding :)  I now have appreciation for anyone who's planned one, helped plan one, or accompanied any events in planning...holy cow!  A different world.  Luckily no Bridezilla here, actually quite the opposite, I just want things done and move on.  Hopefully no meltdowns will ensue.

But I've been scouring the WWW and Pinterest to nail down exactly what I want, similar to Interior Design  except there isn't much deviation when it comes to centerpieces. *sigh*  But here are few details I'm DYING over -and as you can tell my colors are white and gold with a little black :)


Mirrored table top...on another level.

Black and Gold Linens, Very Ralph Lauren meets uber glam, no?

Umm Gold Vintage Flatware?????? Very Marie Antoinette :)

Such a glam and stunning BM Dress, and the bouquet is pretty fab too.

Do it Yourself Pin

A little Gold glitter never hurt anyone :)

Black and white tile, so french. J'adore.

 Drew does it pretty maj with the backless (so trending right now), all those pearls and big hair...stunning.

 These two melt my heart, and not because he's sharing a scone-- but Dang, vintage is soo good.

Signed by Tina
 Love the simplicity of the cake and the drama that's in that invite

Prairie Brooke Gallery
Although Adrienne and Paul are thing of the past :( I love the idea of enjoying your dress everyday.  There must be somewhere in my 970sf I can display my dress :)

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