Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey there!

 I know its been a minute, but lots of news here. Finished renovations on the kitchen and started on the bathroom, more on those later. Cue the drum roll please- this girl had a semi-surprise weekend in San Francisco and snagged this guy-
And when I say snag I mean, took him off the market :)
The planner of the two of us, had an incredible evening all planned out that I will never forget. After a sunset proposal, a limo picked us up and then whisked us all over town for all the best views.  Whatta Guy!  Did I mention that the red backpack never left his side the entire day?!?! I was beginning to wonder what was with the man bag :) ...also glad that he made me change out of my workout clothes!

Then after the amaze evening of sightseeing and new sparkle-- A morning of coffee and shopping waiting on the ride to Napa

Goodbye San Fran!

Ahh, what a sight.  First stop was Mondavi, never mind its only 9 in morning and we are drinking at a winery.  Its very laize faire in Napa, I could literally take a nap in the grapes.

Loved the tour of the barrels, $30,000 barrels.

Oh and I did I mention we went viral (aka Facebook) about getting engaged on the day of Napa? Talk about technology in paradise.....notice no man purse today :)

On to the next winery- Andretti, as in Mario, very quaint and can't buy it in stores.  Clearly I'm feeling good.

Next stop was the Menage a Trois, which is actually one of my favorites, but at this point I had had enough and was just there for the view.  But a very hip winery compared to the country feel of the others.

Rett however indulged.

Then after our ferry ride back to the city, we took a stroll through China Town to see everyone preparing for the Chinese New Year, the largest celebration outside of China.  My feet were about to fall off.  And let me just say that San Francisco is not the town to drink alot of water public potties, like anywhere.

On our last day we decided to just stroll and enjoy the city's sites.  Down at the Wharf we saw sunbathing seals, a themed polar bear plunge, Ghiradelli drinking chocolate(life changing), original sourdough and Rett with 'his boat.'  Yes he's that cool-- his middle name is Neptune, a family name :)

Then we met up with one of Rett's high school friends and his lovely girl and did the way locals do-- hole in the wall pizza and a very chill park. I think San Francisco is the Austin of the West.

I couldn't possibly not visit the famous Lombard St, the most crooked street in the world.  People line up their cars to go down the short street, super slow making quite a racket.  I have to feel for the people whose house is on the street, although their glutes must be in amazing shape.

 And finally the Chinese New Year Parade
Such an amazing trip, one that I will never forget.  Thank you Rett, for taking me on a trip of a lifetime and I couldn't love you more! XOXO


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