Monday, October 8, 2012

Bedroom Update

So I got a new bed...Happy Dance! Its so pretty, those nail heads just make me so excited with all their shininess.  Its the little things :)  But in keeping with my new big girl room of calming neutrals and gold, I need some pattern on that otherwise fabulous bed.  Here are a few ideas I'm throwing around--

Delancy Pillow at a hefty price tag for a pillow in my book, but very luxurious.

PS--don't mind the untidiness of that sheet.  Talk about no elastics, but fooled me by the softness on the sheets...grrr.
Or I could make my own pillows from the Icon panels for a great price.

May be a little busy, because the leopard bench is. not. going.
Or a classic large scale Chevron From Milk and Cookies

I like the added pop of geometric that these add, because all the other patterns are pretty organic.

Or a classic La Florentia by David Hicks, iconic but pricey.

So what do you guys think?  I'm leaning towards the last two, but something complimentary on the bench.

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KiKi Cain said...

I like the last one!

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