Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peacock Blues

Since fall has been creeping in lately, and here in the South, I mean CREEPING, we are in the between stage where the weather is still hot, but there are sweaters in the stores...great.  Time to take our brights into a deeper shade and I'm embracing the peacock hues.


Something about a peacock says roaring 1920's and feminine (although peacocks are males(?!?!?!?!))  Must be the cute little hairpiece feathers they have :)  Anyway, I digress.  My obsessions started with this wall covering from National Wallcovering called Quill , how fabulous would this look in a powder?  Available is other color ways too, but it can't get any better than the black and gold in my book.

Fun and funky wall covering, but maybe a little too organic and busy.  LOVE the plumbing fixtures however.

 Of course the famous Pier 1 mirror that they desperately need to bring back in my opinion.  While on that subject, Pier 1 is notorious for having great stuff out of stock...just saying.

Jan Showers

Martha Angus
 Double couch?!?!? Someday I'll use one!
York House

If peacock blue is something that scares you away- artwork is always a good.  Take a look at my picks from Etsy--
Vintage Print via Pinterest

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