Thursday, August 2, 2012

IKEA Bookshelves, all dressed up

I totally jumped on the Expedit bandwagon and aside from it being the hardest thing from IKEA to put together to date, it was worth it.  But it has started to become a catch all in my second bedroom and is in need of a little re-styling.  I'm loving some of these styled looks from around the web-

All Seen, All Said
My books are totally color coordinated, which makes it terrible to find anything unless I remember the spine color (Twilight series = black...check).  But this look is fabulous and makes me want to expand my "library."
Glitter Guide
I love the clean organization of the files in their color coordination, makes everything seem so much easy and less should see our materials library, talk about put your blinders on, then get in and get out.
Glitter Guide
On a completely separate note: I'm a sucker for the mismatched chairs..DIE.
Cape 27
I think this a fantastic option for people who are looking for transitional pieces instead of baby furniture.  And the height issue was addressed with those tiny legs, an ode to mid century modern in my opinion.
Dans le Townhouse
Double the drama!!!! And a terrific/dramatic room divider for this lofty apartment.  If only a single Expedit were used it would totally stunt the room's awesome height.  Always bring your eye up if possible!
Short on space?  Love how this has extra tuck away seating and the lit areas are still at eye level.  Again the height really brings the eyes upward, and such an ecletic mix of items.

IKEA Hackers
This one is definitely more contemporary, but love the creativity and at first glance I couldn't tell this was an IKEA piece.
IKEA Hackers
Need a bar? Need I say more???  Although, I would paint the wine rack to match the shelves for more of a "built-in" look.
The Scrappy Jedi
This one is BEYOND.  I strive to have a library of this magnitude and also ceiling heights to do this.  But lose the bunk bed ladder and go for something a little more design a distressed stained wood one to mix it up. 

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