Tuesday, July 24, 2012

White on White

In honor of Linda O'Keefe's book, Brilliant White, which in my opinion, is nothing short of zen, I'm pulling together some of my absolute fave whites.  Linda, who is a design writer states that “White has this ability to harmonize furnishings and textiles from every period, every prominence, and every geographic location." Which can be argued for any color if its a monochromatic space(again in my opinion), but no one can deny that white brings in alot of light. 

So does yellow, but good luck finding everything in yellow...

Loving how Linda's theory comes into play in this kitchen, such traditional pieces ant then a few transitional thrown in and its super personal and collected.

I'm sure if we saw this before, our faces wouldn't have been pretty, but WOW that monochromatic white really makes it look fantastic.

Charlie Simmons
Even on the exterior white on white is clean and refreshing.  Don't you just want to have people over for a barbecue to sit on those slip covered chairs? (Bonus-washable!)

This is clearly a tiny space, but with a monochromatic scheme, its bright and airy.  And you can NEVER go wrong with the ghost chair.

Could you just DIE???  Herringbone is STUNNING!

I've never been into uber modern, but this is the perfect mix that is actually very warm, the natural wood on the floor and the paneling are gorg.  But take notice to how beautifully selected the plates and glasses are...if you doing open shelving, keep it tidy and pay attention to the colors of what you have happening in there.
Other Metros Design
Again, a modern house that is To. Die. For....those windows slay me.

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