Wednesday, December 28, 2011

See you next year!

Well all, J and I are off to Austin to ring in the New Year with my bestie and her little family. So I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday :)

 Until then, I'll be making adding to my New Years Resolution list.  Here are few things that I'd love to make 2012 a year of--

This one is on the revolving door...Exercise!  Since the gyms fill up with about 50 times as many people who are not happy to be there, it's time to hit the pavement for the month of January along with my P90X collection...religiously.  Why not make this year the year of a sic body to envy???

And that goes hand in hand with my next resolution- healthy, nutritious, delicious food (er, fuel?).  After all of the stick to your ribs heavy foods we put away over the holidays, I don't want anything but fresh vibrant rainbow foods....and water :)

Images via Left on Amelia

Next up is a new hobby and I've been dying over a new Camera.  I've narrowed down what I want( I think.....any suggestions are much appreciated), I just need to pull the trigger and take a class.  That way I can show you all my projects, food, etc. instead of using the other great photos out blogger photogs are terrific and I shy away from using my little point and shoot.

And lastly I'd love to simplify, take out all of the trendy (unless of course I love it) and make my surroundings a lot more serene.  I've found great inspiration in Greige Design.

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