Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucky Ladders

While libraries are pretty much a home run in interior design, private libraries are more of a pot of gold.  But my question to all of you, is what are your thoughts on the ladders?  Now I understand if you are one of these people who have 20 foot ceilings, and the books climb almost as tall why you may need a ladder.  And I think that there is also something magical, almost castle-like to having one in your home, but my parents have one in the home office and its more of place for my sneaky younger sister to hang out so she can read over your shoulder....I blame it on the age.  And its another opportunity to stub my toe :)  So what are your thoughts? Kitschy or Dreamy/Coveted?

Loving that this is 1) making great space of an otherwise unusual area and 2) not your typical color!
via Apartment therapy

You know I love me some white kitchen..and some Viking! But I'm pretty sure that I would injure myself on this bad boy.
via Apartment Therapy

Where can I find those plates???
via Apartment Therapy

Beautiful Libraries

What a unique ladder!  So European no?
via Griege Design Blog

House of Turquoise

Here is an instance where its not really necessary...thoughts?
via Houzz

This ladder takes up the better floor area of this mudroom, although guests probably come in a think "Wow! a ladder!"  Is this really the best place?
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What about using the ladders not for climbing, but for actual storage?  I think that it can look a little cluttered, but a great idea for hanging towels especially if there is alot of people using the shower!
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Nibs Blog


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