Monday, November 14, 2011

Office Spaces

Isn't is a dream for all of us to have an amazing office?  Especially when you spend a crazy amount of time in front of a computer like I do... I need a place to  be inspired, stay sane (but that's questionable, last week I barreled into my boss's office about an ipad giveaway that I suffered through an entire speal on accordion doors and looked like a total loony tunes), keep my junk, and be "me."

So when it comes to a home or work office I say, do it big!  Make bold gestures and make it a place that you can live in, because you just might!  An office is a great place to have things that make you happy every time you see them and they don't have to match the rest of the house/office.

I love how this partner's style office has a intricate and traditional desk on one side and ultra sleek and modern with a gorgeous(but probably very uncomfortable) chair.
This office from BH&G has a very serene feel to it and probably matches the rest of the house.  The only saving grace for me in this office is the all color and those windows.

Loving the custom but simplified look of this home office.  The shelves have a very open look but a couple cabinets hide your not so pretties.

Another built in look to solve some of your space issues.  A fold out couch for your guests!  Another mix of styles, tradish lines of the couch, mouldings and window treatments, but a Parsons desk.

A hoarder's nightmare, but pretty if you're poet :)

I hope you are not still afraid of the dark because this office is such a cozy and sleek work cave. LOVE!

Chalkboard paint, antique pharmacist cabinet repainted and family keepsakes all framed, over an Ikea rug.  Not sure where I got this one.

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