Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Style Sass: Kate Moss

Today's Style Sassy Girl is no stranger to the spotlight.  She embodies the rocker/model/bad girl/trendsetter we probably all secretly wish we could ooze from time to time.  Kate is already short for her industry, reportedly anywhere from 5'-6" to 5'-8"which is about my height (5' 7.5") but she has a waifish fairy-like build to her that allows her to wear pretty much anything (unlike me).

Kate OWNS the messy hair look. Homegirl must not have a brush or a flatiron in her house whatsoever.  And for us, that means easy! Roll out of bed-- Done and Done. :)

The next three style secrets pretty much go hand in hand: Boots, Skinny Jeans and Blazers--

.......Even when wearing shorts.

Lets not forget about Kate's attitude and by attitude I mean the constant reminder that she's bad, she's hot and she doesn't give a crap.  Always keeping the Heroin Chic style in the back of our minds she looks effortless, tough, all the while sporting a cig and a scowl.  It's like her internal dialogue is, "What? Yeah, I walk through mud puddles in couture, wear gowns to the bars, my entire life is a constant smoke break, and I couldn't give a you know what. Problem?"  *Sigh* The English.


Sharstin said...

she is fierce--and has mad style--agreed.

Life said...

Like her so much, so sexy..

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