Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink October

Does anyone love Bill and Guiliana as much as I do?  Or even more Guiliana?  I've love their show, and have really felt like she puts herself all out there in a way that makes you really relate to her.  Plus she's adorable and very down to earth (not something you see in Hollywood or reality shows these days).  I have been tuning in from week to week to watch their struggles as a power couple balancing work and home life, to starting a family.  Pulling for them because they seem like such genuine people. 

Well as some of you may know G went on the news this week to talk about her 3rd try at IVF that was the season finale to update her fans.  Turns out that before her new doctor would do the IVF, he wanted her to get a mammogram since the hormones rapidly progresses cancer...she's in her mid thirties.  Of course she did "kicking and screaming," and the rest is history-- she has early stages of breast cancer.  I know that we hear about breast cancer awareness all the time, but I was once again floored by her courage to put herself out there when it comes at a time that you know is so hard for them. 

Let us be inspired by G as women to get a mammogram (even when the doctor's don't recommend one until your 40's) and wear your pink proudly. Chances are you know someone who has suffered through cancer, lets be survivors and not wait until its too late.

Now I know you fashionistas.... the baby pink t-shirts may not do everyday, so here are a few fierce looks that take a stand.

And if Pink isn't your color here are few ways to incorporate it into your home and not look like a baby girl's nursery.

My thought and prayers go out to all of the men and women who are battling this terrible disease and I hope you find inspiration to put yourself first and get yourself checked.

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