Monday, October 10, 2011

Spread your Wings

I have a pair of old Wingbacks that were gifted to me with  the every intention of getting a reupholstery job... Well its been a mintute(a very long minute) and they are still the tatterd hunter green that they started off as and have been pushed into the "catch all room" otherwise known in my house as the library. Well I think its about time to show them some love, especially since I've been quoted $300 plus the cost of fabric for both, pretty good huh?

Originally I wanted to do something in white, but durable(!), so faux ostrich leather with shiny silver nail head trim came to mind.  Glamorous, modern, a touch of Feminie....  But now I'm thinking I may want something a little more subdued and versatile ala Restoration Hardware--


Home Decorators

Restoration Hardware Child and Baby
Maybe something a little more of a statement piece; something that's so totally me-- Stripes, Chevron, Houndstooth, Black and White.  Just enough to have a pop but still pretty timeless.

A Life's Design

Another part of me wants to just go for it (RE- re upholstery be darned!) and make it a TOTAL statement. Bold color, pattern and textiles.

Apartment Therapy.  And while we are on it, how great is that yellow?  Still soothing but it does amazing things for spaces with not alot of natural light.

Ballard Designs



Google.  Dying over the vintage stool, dying.




Oly Studio.  I'm all over this Hermes-ish orange this season for fall.  It looks amaze as a statement piece especially for jewelry.

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