Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Again!!!

I did it again.  I left ya'll in the dark. Dangit.  Truth is, I have been swamped, and I know that everyone always says that, but I'm the kind of swamped where I fall asleep by 8:30 at night, can't remember people's names and can't form grammatically correct sentences.  Still, no excuses. Well, peeps I'm back in the saddle again and here goes--

It may come a surprise shock to most all of you, but I have never been in my attic.  I've lived in my bachelorette pad for 4 years and never once ventured up.  In my defense its not easily accessible, but still. But many people have hidden square footage that they are not utilizing to the fullest potential unless they are using it as a catch-all for a "rainy day."  Here are a few ideas that may make you wanna have a garage sale.

To me an attic can be a very enchanting place, its quiet, away from the bustle of everyday and almost has a eerie/magical quality about it.  I'm reminded of the movie 'A Little Princess" where the girl was locked away in a school attic to live above all the other girls who's parents where still alive. But how beautiful it was!  A place to be herself with no rules and it didn't hurt that it was high above the streets of Paris :)

But for the more practical people that we are these days....Ladies, we all need the extra room for our fashion don't we (and an opportunity to make your friends jealous)?  How about an official dressing room, Hollywood style?

Or an obvious choice for people with lots of out-of-town visitors, a guest suite.  The great thing about this is, it doesn't have to match the rest of your house, it's a great opportunity to experiment with something a little more bold or subdued.

Have kiddos? How about a tree house inside the house or a teen getaway? C'mon who didn't want their own space when they were in the adolescent years?

Need a quiet office and a space to be inspired? These are brills.

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