Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Spotlight: Some Bachelor in Dallas

It's been fun adjusting back to my life as interior designer, but I've been playing catch up for sure, so sorry my postings have been non-existent...I'll be better :)

This weeks design crush is by Phillipe Ho who did a bachelor pad here in Dallas, and I must say - To. die. for.  The client was inspired by Dallas' Hotel ZaZa and east coast flair and wanted a place for entertaining (what bachelor doesn't right?)  And good news to us, I spy several pieces from Z Gallerie

What a terrific idea to amp up the presence of that mirror!  Faux books, shell thing and light fixture all by ZGallerie.

 This living area's blue color reminds me of two certain NYC famous girls - Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in the SATC movies and Blair Waldorf's bedroom in Gossip Girl.  Is this THE NYC it color?  And take a look at the fireplace, who doesn't have a bad 1980's version like this in their home?  The black makes it blend in flawlessly with the contemporary decor while giving the room texture! Ottomans = Die. Sofa, Pillows and Rug all from the Z Gall.

 I don't even notice the bland ceramic tile with all this greatness :)

Memo to me:  Need to use Ben Moore "New York State of Mind" blue somewhere and inside some shelves pronto.

Love me some gilt framed art in the mix with modern tufted sofa!  I really wish I could see all of that fab office.....and a ZGallerie desk!

 The master was designed with more of calming appeal to it with some Asian flare.  Notice how the painted orange on the wall really elevates the space and makes the bed more of a dramatic gesture.  Zgall nightstands and maybe even headboard!..can you tell that I'm a regular at this store?

What bachelor needs this sort of relaxation space I have no idea, but I would enjoy it! Love the painted black trim and I think that a small space like a bathroom is a great place to try it, pick too big of a space and you may end up with some weird stopping points.  Is that a grotto?

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