Monday, June 27, 2011

Just because I love it!

Hello all, and sorry for the lack of posts as of late!!  But I do have a pretty good excuse; tons of changin' has been going on and I've been swamped!  Yours truly has recently accepted an interiors position at an architectural firm...that's right, no more nannying for me. 

It's a bittersweet move for sure, because not only have I totally grown close with the rugrats (been with them for two years on the dot, and since Little C was just a mere 2 months old!) but they are taking on a pretty big move, so there won't be as many visits as I'd hoped.  At any rate, I can see that everything has worked out perfectly in the end and just how it should be, still I'm going to miss them!

So I've been cleaning out my folders, and making sure all my loose ends are tied up before I go, and I wanted to share some inspirational images that I have archived "just because I love them."  ...And cheers to Hammel's in Chicago, you will be missed!!!

Sorry, not sure where they are from!

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