Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mary, Mary quite Contrary

If you haven't already noticed, I'm knee-deep into Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators.  And while the show has had mixed reviews, I'm a sucker for Mary McDonald's designs (and Kathryn Ireland's personality)...I have to see Mary's impeccable taste!  Seeing as though I can't find one project that she has done that isn't flawless in my eyes, be forewarned that McDonald is a DIVA to say the least and makes the job-title, "Decorator," something to roll your eyes at. 

The way she bosses her clients/installers/assistants around with decisions, budgets, and tasks makes me cringe, but you can't deny her talent.  On her Bravo blog she of course argues that shes always joking and her mean side doesn't last long, you just have to put your Louboutin'd foot down....and that she's in need of a "Will someone please just listen to Mary" least she said please???  Even though I don't think her and I would get along personally or professionally, I dare say that she is still one of my favorite Decorators.  Just take a look at this girl's eye~

This space is perfectly Masculine to balance out her more Glamorous designs. 

Like this one...can't you just see lots of girl talk in here? LOVE it.

I'm assuming that this one has been majorly Photoshoped, but you get the idea.

Perfection, loving the lucite table

Who even knows what the heck these things are?.... but their fabulous anyway.

Here are a few tips to get the MM look:

1.) Drama! Mary's moto is "More is more, that's why it's called more."(...seems really warm doesn't she?)  Bold colors, patterns, repetition of elements and statement pieces.

2.) Mix it up.  There is always some type of rustic or antique element in every one of her designs.

3.) Sparkle.  Every MM space has something shiny or gilt or mirrored or sparkling.  It's the jewelry of the outfit.

4.) Chinois. For those who didn't have to suffer through an Interior Design History (part II) class right after lunch in college like I did, I'm going to give you a brief lesson--  In 17th century France, the time period of Chinoiserie (meaning Chinese-esque) everything went Chippendale style, laquered, cabriole legged and images of imaginary China.  Mary almost always has some element of Chinois in her rooms.

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