Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pulling the Pulls

So I've been on the hunt for new drawer pulls for the bathroom reno and am having a hard time narrowing down the options.  After I suffered through Home Depot and Lowes and finding nothing (ever noticed how all the remotely cool hardware is all special order? Hate that!) I turned the the World Wide Web, Holla!

Cabinet Hardware can really make or break your space.  It sets the tone in some ways for the room, for example, Classic-

Super timeless and as long as they are quality, they will last the test of time.  Think one color of metal (nickel and chrome will always be in).

To Vintage-

Vintage Pulls are cup pulls, latches, and anything with more details.  These really give an old timey look to the face of the cabinets.

To Trendy/Modern-

I like the play of the mixed bars, that have an ode to the vintage, and the ring pulls.

Instead of ring pulls this is modern twist made into a hexagon, and I bet they don't swing like the ring pulls do.  Classic finish and this one is good for a long time.

When shopping around for hardware, you most likely going to buy a few which means more $$$, so try to stay away from anything too kitschy or cheap like these--

 Leave the grapes to eat, not for the hardware.

Anything with colors is risky, Kelly Green may be the concept, but requires updating when you decide to change schemes later on down the road.

Hearts are cute, but not a classic/universal design.  Also when going for gold, make sure its more of an aged finish like brass that always comes back. Plated gold tends to not wear as well and look cheap.
 So back to what I'm thinking- I love the idea of making my bathroom looking more 1900's vintage (think hexagon mosaics, timeless colors and subway tiles), but my new cabinetry tends to go VERY modern- IKEA Harlig

  I just didn't see the point and putting something super nice when this isn't my "forever bathroom."  So in order to warm these up I finally went with a Hickory Hardware ring pull in Dark Antique Copper to match the sink hardware.


But another part of me really wanted this beauty, but mixing too many metals is not me and I already will have 2-3 in there.  But how about the price?!?!?!?

Completely not the look I'm going for, but loving this trend.  Finally my "outdated" gold door hardware has come back around in style!!!


And if I had money coming out of my ears or I wouldn't be attached to leaving these gorgeousnesses when I moved, I'd spring for these babies-


All images from Decorpad

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