Monday, August 30, 2010

Goin' Country.....

In addition to my infatuation with color, I find great pleasure in simple nuetrals.  For some reason its seems more "adultish" (if that's even a word) in terms of design-- very regal, classic and has a "I traveled the world, gathered things for years and now I'm relaxing with them" feel. 

I'm so scattered with my design tastes that I'm pretty sure that I could design for days and love every style just as much as the next.  One of my daily reads Cote De Texas, gives me just enough French Country style to cure my fix every now and then.  So when I saw this 1924 house in San Antonio for sale, something about it just sang to me (I know I'm corny)...I could live here (too)!
That marble is to die for!

Wood ceilings can do no wrong in my eyes!

Check out that 150 year old tree
Exterior shot, driveway could use some help but the charm of this place is amazing

If you want more pictures or want to check out the listing go here.

Pottery Barn is also getting into the groove of the French Country as well.  Take a look at thier new 'Inspired by Provence' for the early Fall.  Geez I wish I were in Provence....

And of course, the French Country staple-- Wisteria

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