Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bathroom Progress

So if you follow my Instagram, you probably know that my sweet hubs gave me the green light to redo our "public" bathroom.  So of course as soon as the crazy holidays were over, we dove in.  So far the pictures haven't been anything to share, until now....

So here is what we started off with- let this be proof to everyone who thinks Theming is a good idea or will be timeless. It almost ever works out that way, promise.  You will ALWAYS want something different down the road- so pick something for your home you can paint, or have no heartburn with ripping it down, just saying.

 And that bulkheads create a "custom" look....actually it closes in the room when not done properly.  This bathroom isn't very big to begin with, but with too much going on, it gets worse.

 How about that cultured scalloped sink?

 Or the cabinet hardware in the middle of the doors...completely awkward to open.  One improvement already is the switch covers. Yay for something white, not almond.

So in we went ripping down bulkheads and wallpaper, which of course is always more intense than you would imagine, cue the electrical debacle that left half our house with no electricity for a week.  But our electrician to the rescue fixed us up in about 10 minutes.  Lesson learned, anything over installing a new light fixture = HIRE AN ELECTRICIAN.

So on we trudged with our first experience at drywall, taping and bedding.  I'd say the hubs did a dynamite job with the drywall, I mean look at the precision around the light fixture!  Then I took on the taping and bedding.  Lets just say the regular drywall tape is my BFF, it gets tricky with the metal stuff.

 But I was proud of it for a first try.  Another Lessons Learned, if you have an area where there are two separate depths go far out with your mud slope.

So as much as I'd like to take full credit for this shot, my teacher/previous neighbor contractor guru, came in and fixed my "Ooops areas" and turned it into this- cue the happy dance!!!  I mean, sooo good and so much better!  Next stop, Floor Tile.  I, of course, want something timeless so I'll probably going the carrrea route to keep things light and airy, since this bath has zero windows.

I adore a good hex tile, especially with the polished I think they do a little sparkle thang, but I want all my bathrooms to be different, yet coordinate, and I don't think I can not have these in the Master. Soooo-

....in comes the rectangular pieces at brick pattern. I love this pattern and the subtleness of the tiles themselves and that PRICE!!! Holla.

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