Tuesday, August 13, 2013

...and speaking of kinda new homes.

I've been taking in all of my back logged DVR shows preparing to move (farewell U-verse, sniff sniff.) And this weekend was a Guiliana and Bill marathon.  PS- how adorable is Duke?!?!?  He's always smiling, that kid.

Anyhow, since Bill has a little (or maybe a lot) of Real Estate ADD, the interior decor has been just as entertaining as Guiliana's constant killer style.  I often just watch to get another unseen glimpse of their awesome decorating.  See for yourself-

Love the neutral palette, very bright and airy

You know me and white kitchens!

 This pool is STUNNING!

 Loving Duke's Octo art- so chic.
All photos via Yahoo Images

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WhatHouse.co.uk said...

Fabulous house, love the kitchen , love the sitting areas, the pool....bit colourless for me but stylish.

What House?

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