Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tillmans Roadhouse takes it home

Here in Dallas we have plenty of local hot spots, artfully hidden, but with designs and menus that rival the trendiest across the country.  Growing up we mainly stuck to national chains--but truthfully, most of the food and grocery I get these days are all from local chains, (with the exception of my beloved Chick-fila).  And there is no reason not to with fabulous places like Tillman's.

Its very Eclectic, Texas meets granny, meets Urban Outfitters. And gotta love a restaurant that serves truffle oil popcorn instead of a bread basket plus s'mores for dessert!

This is the waiting/bar area when you walk in.  Gorgeous right??

Obvi, any place there's a dripping with crystal chandy I'm hooked.  The more the better.

And as if they weren't already FAB enough with the Dallas Location, they added a Fort Worth one too!


Not only are we lucky to have one in Dallas, but we also have one in Fort Worth as well!

I love the clean modern lines of the panels, but the knotty pine keeps it Texas proud.

All Images via Tillmans Roadhouse 

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