Monday, December 31, 2012

Glamourous Champagne

Now on to New Years! And what's New Years without a little bubbly?

Champagne is one of my absolute favesies--  Love the taste, the bubbles and the glamour of it all.  BUT, I have always adored the look of the coupes, although the preferred way to drink bubbly is from the flutes- it keeps it fizzing longer, and cooler.

 But something about the Coupes are so casual and 1920's.  By the way, another Ikea hack making console/bar. ADORE!

Lucky Magazine

What Katie Ate
Missy Vintage Blog

So I started out on the hunt for some fabulous Coupes.  Surprisingly they aren't to hard to find, and if you hunt hard enough you can find some great gold rimmed ones :)

World Market, Platinum Rimmed

World Market, Set or Four

Dorset Champagne Coupe, Set of 2


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