Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Seeing Ghosts

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We actually had a White Christmas which doesn't usually happen here, but was a great holiday surprise!

And yours truly joined the Ghost Chair club finally!!  This lucky girl had it waiting for me from this sweet guy after I got home from work-
Showing off his new running fleece and gloves

And of course I'm completely obsessed with it, and 'Phillipe' has followed me from room to room since we've met.  First he started off in the bathroom as a makeup chair, which probably will be his final home once I get the bathroom reno underway.  I'm thinking something lux like this-

Then he moved to the office:

This cornice on the doorway is Ahmaze!

Then Phillipe made it to the dining room to take on this character-

All images via YahooImages

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