Friday, November 30, 2012

Ikea at it again

Sorry for the radio silence, I'll be better I promise!  But just wanted to share these IKEA creations that are kind of blowing my mind-  Makes me want to leave my light and airy Carerra obsession behind.  Don't be afraid of this bold look because its still very timeless.  Very 1920's men's lounge/ barbershop  no?

Elements I'm loving in the bath- Charcoal wainscoting, checkerboard floor, a clawfoot in the middle of the room(!?!?!?), and the color palette of charcoal, clean white and camel.

Things I'm loving in this kitchen- The color palette freakin' slays me, drawers instead of doors, contrasting white bubbles (a little overkill, but a cool concept over barnlight pendents) and those industrial stools :)

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