Friday, July 6, 2012

Foodie Fridays: Italian Beef

Happy Friday Ya'll, What a weird week this has been for us celebrating the 4th, I can't seem to remember what day it is.  But here is an easy peasy crock pot dish that has been in my fam for years and is always a hit.

Italian Beef

3-4 lbs of pot roast (Don't use the lean cuts here, but you can clean that off the fat before cooking, I use chuck roast)
1 packet of dry Italian Dressing Mix
1 16 oz jar of Hot banana pepper rings (Its really not that spicy, I promise)

Put roast in crock.  Mix pepper rings and juice with dressing mix then pour over meat.  Cover a cook until meat falls apart, usually 8 hours on the low setting.  Shred in crock, mix around peppers and meat to combine evenly.  Enjoy on toasted hoagies/buns and top with any sharp cheese.

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