Thursday, July 5, 2012


NO, not that kind.

...Although this is what happened last weekend on what was supposed to be a "relaxing river floating trip."  We The guys paddled like crazy in order to make it 6 miles in 6 1/2 hours, but of course we stopped for some fun on the way :)  Memo to me, if they won't let you rent a tube, and require you to have paddles, no leisurely float will ensue.

But wall planking has been making a pretty awesome comeback lately.
 It's come along way from this--


To this fresh and modern look with a hint of texture and warmth.  Planked walls have become part beachy, part cottage-y, part clean lines.  I would so love to have my bathroom covered in this stuff, move over tile wainscot, there's a new guy in town.

Do I even need to go into how freaking awesome this powder is?  That wood counter, the hex tiles, that LAMP?!?!?!?

DIY has a great tutorial if you are interested in this very clean lined plank bathroom

Nest Egg

Two Ellie

The rusticness of the salvaged wood floor with the clean lined walls if perfection, no wonder everything else is kept simple!

If you are like me and was blown away by the elegantness of this room (hello vintage lamp!), you probably missed the adorable painted stair risers...its all in the details people :)

If you can't stomach the thought of painting a gorgeous hardwood (by the way poplar I hear is the best to use if painting it white), take a look at these FAB stained versions.  This first one made my jaw drop.  Those pendants are IN-SANE!

Umm, I would probably put a hold on that head, I'm not sure that the bear head even goes on the fawn looking hide????  But the aged wood look slays me.

 Ben Herzog
And finally this is for the major wood lovers obs, but I love how this area was made so special instead of ignored.  It adds such a modern element to this otherwise semi-traditional home.

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