Thursday, March 1, 2012

A punch of color

Neon is trending pretty hard right now and when you think of neon your mind may immediately go to 1980's parachute shorts and geometrics, but adding a pop of color can be a little less drastic when used as a focal point and limited to one piece.

This is forever
I love how this kitchen is modern eclectic and then that pop of neon green makes this so fun, and its just paint so don't get hung up on resale.

How charming is this entry and the aqua is GORGEOUS is it not???  Again its only paint people, easy fix if you can't bear it once it goes up.

Tineke Triggs

A little more subtle way to bring that pop of color and fun.  A super traditional bedroom with TO.DIE.FOR windows and then the modernization with the ceiling. So good.

This is forever
Too scared to bring neon into the home?  Fashion is embracing the neon as well and Bonus: neon makes you look tanner for some reason. LOVE!
Design Crush


Zanita Zanita


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