Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Style Sass: Selma Blair

Funny girl Selma Blair has always been someone that has been pretty fierce in my book when it comes to fashion.  To top it off, her boyfriend is a fashion designer and her stylist used to be Anna Wintour's assistant.  Still, this girl is not afraid to take any fashion chances and its shows, did I mention that she's 39????

First tip to nabbing this star's style:  Keep it classy.  Selma may have some risky choices with lace, tulle and sequins, but much like Jen Aniston, she keeps the colors toned--meaning blacks, whites, navy, and pops of red.  Very rarely does she branch out.

Also, she recognizes her assets and her....not.  Selma plays up her decollete, arms and legs, then plays down her rear.

Gorgeous and completely age appropriate!!

A fun look with a trendy jumpsuit, but classy in color and those shoes ROCK!

Selma's 'slummin it' is probably our 'cute day.'  Even when out for a walk to the park or to the local DMV, she dresses it up.  Leather, heels, and layers of fab-

Selma also always has to sport the the largest (Designer) "it" bag-- a great way for you to add to an otherwise lacking outfit.

Another way to Selma's cutting style is her....cut.  I always admire the girls who will chop it, bleach it.....SHAVE it and still look fierce.

Holy Moly, I would crawl under a couch and not come out until this completely grew out, but she can do it.....must be the genes.
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Anonymous said...

Nice post. I enjoy reading what other fans write about Selma Blair. How about a pingback to my site and some credit for photos. Particularly the one of Selma with her giant SB by Selma Blair handbag. Thank you.


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