Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bedroom Inspirations

OK so-- my 'Kitchy Parisian' bedroom is ready for a new grown up look.  Alot of the pieces are leftovers from either college or hand me downs from my Mom's.  And as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a red and black room...seriously.  I can remember the sketch that I drew up for my Mom, when I was no older than 10, of the floor plan and the details of the custom made bedroom. No joke.  So this bedroom that I've had for the past 4.5 years is a homage to my younger self.  But now its time to refine and get rid of the showroom look I think I have going.

I think that what I need is something light, cozy and relaxing.  Soft neutrals, antique mixed with modern and little pops of color (emphasis on little).

Strips on the bed wall?  Me thinks yes.
Catherine Dolen

There is something that I adore about over sized mirrors, with delicate frames leaned up against the walls.

Lucite- Check, black on black Louis XIII chair- Check, Mirrored Furniture- Check, Vintage Art- Check, check, check, and Animal Print- Check....the makings of a perfect house!
Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Nail heads and Double Chandy's, YES!
 Tracy Murdock

Bead board or paneling is a must!

Collected Antiques, with black and white art. Duh!

Love letters, how perfect!  Love this little vignette

Aside from the bizarre Medical blanket (do they give those away or something???) I love the bed and side table in this tiny room, I would gladly stay in this guest room.

I would love to have an antique brass bed like this one.  Already have the bed tables and the rattan chair so almost there!

Can I also get a couple of these oval windows and french doors please????

I love how this room doesn't even look like its complete and its still fabulous, guess taxidermy butterflies didn't make the wall Ha!

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver
Since this a wish list and all: lets eliminate the door situation and install an antique sliding door.

I love the upholstered bed trend that's happening right now, but they all seem to have zero foot boards, this one is perf!

Obssesed with this painting

I also love the idea of having this sheepskin(?) to warm your feet and be uber chic!

Brass/gold frames are perfection

In addition to all, how about a pre war style marble fireplace? :)
All images via Houzz and Pinterst

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