Monday, January 23, 2012

Chevron- Fad or Forever?

Been seeing alot of Chevron's lately and as much I love them, I realized I have none....blame it on being a stripes girl.  But is it a fad or a forever thing for you?  And when did it stop being called "Zig Zag?"

This dresser cabinet misses the mark for me, but the color palette and effort get an A+
I love the idea of painting a design onto ugly outdated brick, VERY fun, and how cool is that drum coffee table??

One odd color stripe really adds a what to do about that door......

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gradation in these drapes, but OMG I feel for the person who had to dye(?) these!

I really NEED floors like this!!! I wouldn't take my eyes of the ground if these were mine, so French~

What a serene color palette, great for if you are waiting to find out the gender.  Add touches of pink or teal and Viola!

If you can't quite commit to the design or the time of taping and painting, perhaps incorporating it into your wardrobe?  I really wish I had this iPhone cover.

All images via Pinterest

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