Monday, October 24, 2011

Repurposed Pallets

I have a few projects lingering my house (and the man's) that I so desperately need some inspiration for.  One being some wooden pallets that are propped up in his garage.  With the risk of him already thinking that I'm a hoarder, I will not let these goodies go and here's why:

What a fun coffee table!!! And imagine the possibilities on what to paint. College students take note.

Not sure if this is a traveled pallet or just sanded, but its a good.

Awesome for the Shabby Chic lovers

I've been trying to convince the man to do a wood wall behind the bed and I think this one reallllly hits it home.  If you have 'in good condition' pallets from the store, just leave the pallets outside for a while to achieve this weather look.

Or how about instead of spending a fortune on a kid-sized bed, make a daybed? Close enough to the floor to nix the railings.  Just be sure to sand it down!  Don't want any splinters
Or a little reading nook

The desk doesn't thrill me, but love the painted walls behind to really make them pop.


A custom art piece for above the mantle?

LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!!  Tailored, yet rustic and Ohsocheap!

And if you really want to get creative--

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Emma Louise Layla said...

I have a couple of repurposed weathered old crates which I use for just plain and simple storage, but I like some of these ideas. What did you go for in the end? ELL x

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