Friday, August 12, 2011

Style Sass: Blake Lively

If I was a California girl living in NYC, I'd be Blake Lively.  She embodies it all, bohemian surfer girl to retro 50's pin up to modern 80's...and I love it all.  Not only does she have a kick-butt name that not everyone can pull off and look cool, but she also seems really cool(minus the nudeypics of course!)...not to mention she's gorgeous!

In a recent interview with her real-life BFF Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine (love her even more) she revealed that she doesn't have a stylsit, she has fun with her own fashion, gotta love that!

So how do we get that BL style?  First off lets talk about her hair, homegirl can rock more than the typical down look we see so very often in Hollywood.  She take some chances!

Next, she always dresses like she is going somewhere important...dressed to the nines.

And lastly, Blake loves to show off her best asset, her backside.

 Images via Google Imges

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