Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hittin' the Gym

If you are like me, your expectations in a gym are typically: cleanliness, affordable membership, plenty of machines and space so your not stuck next to the dude who growls and grunts when he's lifting, and the variety of classes.

Well, I came across an article about NYC's David Barton Gym and I had to do a double take since most fitness facilities have a health care vibe.  Who wouldn't want to workout here???  Designed by David Solfield of Studio Solfield with help from David Barton himself,  says the inspiration was "80's punks squatting in an abandoned church." ................wow, that it some concept no?

The reception with a laser-cut steel bio-hazard partition.

Recycled Rubber flooring in the cardio area.

The reception desk looks more like something from the Munster's than a place to get a smoothie.  A custom laser-cut chandelier and a reception desk inspired by a billiard table, pockets and all.

Flocked wallpaper on the boxing level, with what apears to be a Fornasetti styled custom printed leather settee.

Entrance to the Men's locker area, aka the "Bat Cave" is flanked by 1970's style boxing gloves chaise lounges.

Women's lockeroom with 10 foot American walnut planks as seating.

Giant discoball that houses the DJ.

Entrance into the Woman's locker area

Entrance to the Women's locker roomed is designated by giant lapel pins.

A plaster bas-relief mural by East-side ink tattoo artist, Joshua Lord on the stairwells.

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