Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home of the Week: Jessica Stam

Rachel Zoe's, dare I say favorite model Jessica Stam's West Village Condo is up to bat today. Stam is another Canadian model who pad was featured in Elle Decor awhile back.  Well, after about a year and a half of living with the "Purple Pad" she was over it and hired a new decorator.   What do you think, better before or after?

The new warmer neutral.
The old "Purple Pad"

So I sort of miss the curtains :(  Same furniture. No rug and curtains with a new wall color.

I love both of these buffet vignettes, however those black and crystal lamps are right up my alley.

I'm totally a fan of the new dining area!

Images via Elle Decor and Vogue

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