Thursday, January 27, 2011

The City of Lights/Love :)

As some of you may already know, my sweetie gave me a trip to Europe for my Christmas present this past year, Paris nonetheless.  And we have decided on April, because apparently, "Springtime in Paris is for lovers" -says James....such a romantic I have huh ladies?? ;)

Well I have been on the hunt for accommodations, and since you can't seem to get a decent hotel room for less than $350 per night-- I've (we've?) decided to do an apartment rental, hey when in Rome right?  It is way more cost effective, and I've never been a 'go on vacation to stay in the room' kind of gal, so i just need a place to shower and sleep.  Sooo, I did some research and I'm pretty certain that I'll be moving to Paris people....what I found is nothing short of amazing.  Have any of you ever done an apartment rental versus a hotel stay?

The first apartment comes in a 850 euros = $1115/7 days.  It's in the trendy part of town called  Le Marais and it screams authentic Bohemian to me.  Take a look at those floors wouldya???

Good Morning Paris!!!!

This fireplace slays me..

Dying over this floor people...does this not totally remind you of the kitchen from Ratatouille?

The next one is a little bit higher located on the west side of the city, comes in at about $1300 for a week.

These molding on plaster inspire me to be a little more French...even though my best friend says my house looks like France threw up in it.  What can I say? I have a flare for the dramatic glamour :)  And check out those floors! C'mon!!! I die.

I'd never leave this spot, cafe anyone?

Oui, se vous plait.

Too bad they had to modernize this beauty with a TV in front of the fireplace.

And this one I'm pushing hard for--- At a whopping $780/7 days, and a TWO MINUTE walk from the Louvre, in the most desirable district....this sweet little loft.

I'm pretty positive that this is an Ikea kitchen, but isn't that counter top so French? :)

The living area, with its original stone walls and beams.

How adorable is this?

And one more to beat you down a VERY affordable $640 for the week.  Owned by an interior designer who lives nearby and would be delighted to show you the secrets of the neighborhood.

Why are French stairwells so much more beautiful than ours?  Perhaps the absence of landings?

Never to small of place for some marble

Would'ja check out that grass cloth flooring??? Gah!

All apartments are available from Paristay, which I found to be the most wallet-friendly options, but you can also find some amazing ones through these websites as about eye candy!

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