Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Dance Time!

I've always dreamed of having an exotic zebra rug, but after seeing the price tags or stomaching the thought of hunting one myself (I actually have a friend who does a yearly trip to Africa and has come home with a couple, no joke), I figured a cowhide print would be better suited for my beer budget. 

Wellllllll, then I got to thinking what if the stripes rub off??  It would totally be my luck to spend a few Benjamins on a fake zebra and it last 6 months --The things that run through a designer's mind right?  So my investigation moved on to just a normal cowhide in black and white, same effect maybe? And I already have a shag zebra patterned rug in my office so I don't want to be that girl who has an animal print problem (Hello New Jersey!)  Long story longer, I found some great options on Ebay and I am now the proud owner of this beauty for wait for it........less than $60! Its brand new, 5'x4' and will go great under my coffee table layered over my sisal rug.  I can't wait to show you!

And of course and few more inspirations for you~

This wall rocks too!
Another back wall that makes me :)
Just adds that little somethin' somethin'
These frames really hit it home!

PS - Sorry if you are offended by the use of real animal fur.

Images via Decorpad

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