Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Life is a dance floor...."

One of my favorite design bloggers, Erin from Elements of Style, recently did a post on her 'Life in a Song' and it got me to thinkin' of how much hearing a song can bring you back. As soon as I hear a song it takes me to that exact moment or feeling that I had, reminds me of someone or a time in my life...pretty amazing. If you were to make a playlist of your life how would it sound?  Well, of course I had to put one together for myself and it was so much fun, something that I will continually add to for the rest of my years no doubt! Thanks for the great idea Erin!
So I can't bring you back to ALL of the memories for me, but here are some of the goodies...
True Love- This was one of my favorite songs since I could talk, Mom says I used to run around in diapers singing, "True Lovah, True Lovah."
Def Leppard- The soundtrack to my childhood, Mom had it on repeat for as long as I can remember
Danger Zone- This one reminds me of our three day car ride from Washington to Illinois, Top Gun Soundtrack blaring
Yellow Submarine- When I first moved to Texas, I got a hand me down record player and that the only song on all the records I liked, I played it over and over in my room, thinking I was the coolest.
Boys II Men- Skating rink era, you know when its the awkward couples skate??? And its all you could do from looking at the pesron who was skating with you.
Raindrops keep fallin on my head- My Crampaw's favorite song, miss him like crazy
Breathe- My high school Sweetheart and I's song
Don't Worry, Be Happy- Our family vacation to Disney when I was in high school, the trip I got pink eye and my family thought it was hilarious to act like I was blind since I never took my glasses off...even on the rides.
Possum Kingdom- How can I forget the best lake in Texas, cliff jumping and floating in party cove...good times!
My Humps- College weekends at the Lake, tied up at party cove, drinking a mysterious blue beverage, acting my age :)
Alabama- The single most fun at a concert I've ever had, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Pat Green
Independent- When I graduated college, bought a new car and a condo...step back with my badself, who's Independent now????

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